Our approach to work is simple: Always do what’s best for the project and our clients. Sometimes that includes self-performing aspects of a construction project. So, what exactly is self-perform?

A construction manager who can self-perform work has qualified team members in-house who can complete specialty construction activities. Being able to self-perform can bring benefits that include cost control, quality assurance, and schedule reliability.

Having few or no self-perform capabilities can leave a project vulnerable in situations of limited subcontractor availability, unstable markets, or to maintain the project schedule. On the other end of the spectrum, construction managers who self-perform everything are unable to get competitive bids for specific trades, which can negatively impact a project. Additionally, if they are limited in the number of people they have on staff to perform a specific trade, that can quickly become detrimental to a project schedule.

Self-perform capabilities
Hutton is intentionally positioned in the middle. With more than 150 craft workers who can complete a range of self-perform services for our clients, we have the manpower available to execute 14 scopes of work whenever best for the project. Those scopes include acoustical ceilings, drywall systems, concrete foundations and footings, finish carpentry and cabinetry, and air and moisture barrier installation.

To ensure a fair and competitive process, Hutton submits a self-perform bid to the architect 24 hours in advance of subcontractors, while still obtaining bids from the widest net of potential bidders. This allows us to offer our clients the best of both worlds while ensuring the project is protected with solid self-perform capabilities.

Spotlight: Millwork
Our millwork self-perform team put their excellence on display with several large-scale projects in 2021, including Andover Schools, Maize Intermediate Schools, and Equity Bank in Overland Park. At Maize South Intermediate, Hutton team members installed four miles of maple shiplap, 240 doors and 143 tack boards. Equity Bank included 2,600 LF of baseboards, 3,500 LF of door casings, and 735 LF of cabinets and desks. Their work was recently featured in our 2021 Annual Report.

Spotlight: Architectural Metal Panels
Hutton’s self-perform abilities also include team members who specialize in the installation of architectural metal paneling, a wall system used to enhance the design or durability of an interior or exterior space. At Max Aerostructures, an aeronautical parts manufacturing facility, our team installed stainless steel and metal composite panels to create a modern identity for a 1960’s brick building without demolition or major structural redesign.

When evaluating construction managers for your next project, it is important to ask about their ability to self-perform. At Hutton, we maintain positive, ongoing relationships with qualified subcontractors who share our high standards while simultaneously developing talented craft workers who can deliver high-quality work where needed. The result is a client who benefits from competitive bids, a condensed project schedule and a lower overall project cost.