We had big plans when we started back in 1992 as Hutton Construction. With patience and pride, the company grew one project at a time. “Build by day, bid by night,” as founder Mark Hutton recalls. Things have changed over the years, and we’re now housed in our four locations across Kansas, including our Wichita headquarters, designed and built by us. Ben Hutton assumed leadership in 2010, and since then we’ve only grown. Now with five companies under the Hutton umbrella, and more than 325 team members, we pride ourselves on meeting clients where they’re at — at any point in their organizational journey.

These days, we’re more than architects and builders because increasingly that is what our clients ask for — a single, trusted partner who works with an organization from start to finish. They get that here. At any point on their journey, from organizational change to brand new buildings, we bring our client’s visions to life. For us, that means offering more than construction. We help clients discover something new on the horizon that we can all be proud to put our names on. Design. Build. And so much more.


Our work at Hutton is built on four essential values. These make up the foundation of everything we do and are embedded in everything we believe.


We guide people and projects toward success with craft and care.


We choose to design a better future by always asking "what if."


We empower everyone to bring their unique skills to the project.


We build better people, projects and communities.


Visionary leaders work with Hutton because we offer unique services anywhere along their commercial or industrial growth journey. We believe our clients benefit most when we bring our diverse expertise to help them lead their organizations into the future. Here’s how: 

  • Sevenfold, a Hutton Company, engages leaders to grow and transform their organization through strategic consulting and coaching. 
  • Hutton Development offers full-service commercial real estate development. 
  • Hutton Design+Build creates transformative spaces utilizing our skilled team of architects, designers and construction professionals. 
  • Hutton Facility Services provides 24/7 on-call service and preventative maintenance, regardless of who built your building. 
  • Hutton Energy Services brings alternative energy solutions to life, from solar arrays to EV charging stations and more. 

Wherever you are in your organization’s growth journey, we are here to help. We build communities, we build futures and we build dreams. Let’s build them together. 

We don’t rest on our reputation. We’re constantly finding ways to work smarter through technology, better tools and new thinking. But we still deliver old-fashioned craft and quality and are fixed in our ways of making and keeping promises. Things are only built to last when you build them that way. At Hutton, we do.