Hutton Facility Services team leader Jimmie Soliz is sound asleep at night anytime it rains. Why? Because he knows that Hutton’s in-house water and air barrier crew builds water-resistant building exteriors.

Let’s say a building has 50,000 pieces coming together at various points. Those pieces include exterior materials (brick, steel, metal panels, etc.), roofs, windows, doors, footings, and more. Outside of the building is weather and inside are people and objects our clients want to protect from the weather. This is partly about keeping HVAC and other systems running as efficiently as possible.

But it’s also about the health and longevity of property and people. Because every year, billions of dollars are spent battling water intrusion and mitigating its effects. Think of flooding, water damage and mold.

Enter Hutton’s water and air barrier crew, and Quality Control Coordinator Roger Elmore. Together, these men and women prove the best solution is prevention.

First, we train our craftspeople to build right the first time. And we challenge our project superintendents to make sure our subcontractor partners do the same. Then Roger and our trained jobsite supervisors perform frequent quality control audits on our projects, including, when needed, water testing as shown in the photo above. We train and retrain our project supervisors and project managers to spot check our own work and that of our subcontractors.

Recently, during the proposal process for a new project, the owner called our references. After all our current clients told them “We never have leaks!” when our competitor’s clients couldn’t say the same, they awarded Hutton the project. Just one of many signs our commitment to training and quality control is worthwhile.

Wondering whether your building is as tightly sealed as it should be? Let our Hutton Facility Services crew perform a complimentary inspection.

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