Kansas State Salina Amelia Earhart Residence Hall

Following major shifts in aerospace technology, Kansas State University Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus added two new academic degrees. This shift boosted their enrollment numbers, increasing the demand for student housing. To keep up, they called on Hutton to design and build a new modern residence hall. Earhart Residence Hall is a 27,550 SF, 104-bed building for the K-State Salina campus


  • Design-build
  • Construction management at-risk
  • Cost-estimating
  • Self-perform
  • Building information modeling
  • Site coordination


Each floor of this three-story residence hall contains six bathrooms, a laundry room, lounge area, and a kitchen area.


After a process of choosing a name for this residence hall, it was decided that it would be named after the historic Kansas pilot, Amelia Earhart.


The new building’s exterior features an unconventional combination of stone, EIFS, and Nichiha fiber cement siding, creating a distinct and effective design. The main entrance lobby features a modern, metallic skin resembling airplane wings, in reference to the campus' Aerospace and Technology school. While the wood-frame structure underwent numerous modifications to remain budget-friendly, Hutton's architectural team retained its unique design. The result is a dormitory that blends timeless aesthetics, energy-efficient insulation, and durability with a nod to the campus's technological focus.


In 2022, K-State's Salina campus saw an impressive 7.6% increase in enrollment, thanks in part to its booming professional pilot program. To help retain students and provide them with a comfortable living environment, the campus decided to add a residence hall. Apart from the usual bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry facilities, every floor of the residence hall offers inviting lounge areas and furnished kitchen setups fit with fire suppression range hoods.