The ribbon has been cut, the team has celebrated, and you are sitting in your office at your new facility. It was designed, built, and delivered under budget and ahead of schedule. The building sits on the perfect site and every detail is just as you imagined.

There are many factors in the success of your project. One of the earliest – an unsung hero, really – is accurate surveying.

One of the first Hutton team members on any jobsite is Hutton’s surveying coordinator Warren Bontrager. Warren ensures the building fits on the selected site and that electrical, plumbing, and all site utilities will be in the correct place.

The surveying tool that Warren uses is called a robotic total station – a system using some amazing technology, mirrors and the math you didn’t like in high school. It guarantees pinpoint accurate measurements. Two essential outcomes in a successful survey include marking the corners of the entire building and finding control points for reference throughout the duration of the project. At different points throughout the project, Warren also marks out roads, sidewalks, light poles, walls and much more.

With a background in industrial construction, Warren focuses on Hutton’s industrial and commercial projects, as well as doing preliminary surveying for clients planning new construction.

He also coordinates with subcontractors and project partners to ensure any of the data he collects is distributed to all those who make Hutton projects successful.

Case Study: Junction City High School

Junction City High School is Hutton’s largest single project to date. With the high school building alone spanning a quarter mile, it was essential to maintain up-to-date site surveys as drawings developed and before any major construction work began. Doing these site surveys on the front end of the project was pivotal in making sure the new building and football stadium were properly positioned on the site.

“As construction for the project began, we could update control points and layout in the field to accommodate changes,” said Bontrager. “This helped keep an open line of communication between Hutton, the architect, and trade partners.”

Warren’s surveying efforts aided in the coordination of more than 150 trade partners and suppliers.

Case Study: Scooter’s Coffee

From a 440,000 SF high school to a quaint coffee shop, almost all Hutton projects find a way to benefit from surveying and layout. The Scooter’s Coffee in Winfield, Kansas benefited from Warren’s surveying capabilities, as it was far timelier and more accurate for him to handle the project than it would have been to hire a third party.

“Not only can Warren help us get a survey done quickly, but he is also extremely accurate,” said Project Engineer Seth Blaha. “We knew with confidence that when we poured the concrete for the parking lot at Scooter’s that all utilities had been properly accounted for.”

Case Study: Immaculata Church

Superintendent Kris Koenig had previous experience working with a robotic total station and knew it would benefit the Immaculata Church by having one on site for the duration of the project. A joint venture with BHS Construction, Warren did a six-hour training with Hutton and BHS to ensure all team members could access any information necessary as the project continued.

“At the beginning of the project, Warren worked directly with the civil engineer to ensure accuracy in their control points,” Koenig said. “It was great to have him collaborate early and often to help ensure an accurate layout of the building.”

Case Study: Industrial Construction

Coming from an industrial construction background, Warren knows how important accuracy is in this line of work. From blast-rated control buildings to massive concrete pours, there is zero room for error when working with these clients.

“As far as surveying goes, we have assisted with everything from designing internal utilities to assisting with drainage issues,” Bontrager said. “It takes a lot of equipment and upkeep to keep industrial facilities up and running, so being consistent and accurate with our layouts is paramount.”

A Complete Team

Surveying early and often throughout a project ensures accuracy and efficiency. Having designers, builders, estimators and surveyors on the same team creates continuity, collaboration and a streamlined workflow that ultimately benefits our clients.

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